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heat wave pets
4 Oct 2021

As the temperature rises make sure to keep your pets cool.

The temperature is definitely hotting up and with heatwave warnings in place for Queensland the RSPCA are reminding us to keep some fresh water out for wildlife and pets (and don't forget to stay hydrated yourself!). Here are some of their top tips to help your pets during a heatwave.
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Santa Christmas Gifts Tieri 2020
17 Sep 2021

Santa’s Elves are making their gift list for Tieri.

While Santa’s Elves may have been enjoying their slow period, their busy season is just around the corner. Together with the Oaky Creek Coal team, they’ve started their preparations for getting gifts to all their favourite small people in Tieri, but they can’t do it alone! Make sure your children’s names are on Santa’s list before Friday, 28 October. Santa would be devastated if anyone missed out.
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29 Aug 2021

Tieri Community Consultation

Each year, Central Highlands Regional Council’s Community Consultations take councillors and council staff across the region to connect with the community. The events are an open forum for anyone to attend and engage with your councillors and council staff. You will receive updates on key projects in your area and have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any matters relating to your community and council.
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Tieri Oval 1
13 Aug 2021

Documenting significant trees of the region.

Do you have a favourite tree in the region? Upload a photo and tell us why it is significant to win a range of cash prizes. Central Highlands Regional Council is seeking community input in developing a tree register to document the significant trees of the region. The register will assist council in ensuring the nominated trees are protected. It will also help inform the development of a list of trees that grow well in the area and capture the character of the region. Learn how you can get involved and win prizes.
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Cencus 2021
10 Aug 2021

You Count! It’s Census Time.

Tonight's Census will provide the most comprehensive snapshot of the country and tell the story of how we are changing. It counts every household and every person in Australia. Census data is used to plan and deliver services across Australia. The Census isn’t just numbers, but what those numbers tell us – every stat tells a story. That’s why your participation is vital. Data collected in the Census helps governments, businesses, not-for-profit and community organisations across the country make informed decisions including education and health services, infrastructure and planning for regional and rural communities.
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2 Aug 2021

Jnr Sports Development Program QLD Round 1 Open

Each year GCAA provides support to local sports clubs and associations across Queensland. Applications for the Queensland Junior Sports Development Program are now open! If you’re a junior club, school or association near our Queensland coal operations you could be eligible for a grant up to $7,500. To find out more and to apply click here
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31 Jul 2021

Coronavirus Qld: South-east Queensland going into lockdown

Following news of six locally acquired cases of the Delta strain being reported in Queensland, Deputy Premier Steven Miles has announced 11 local government areas in south-east Queensland will go into lockdown.
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28 Jul 2021

Quarterly Pulse Survey Now Open

Did you know Local Voices is an ongoing survey series? You may have taken part in the initial 'anchor' survey that has now been completed, if not, don't worry its not too late to join! There are quarterly 'Pulse' surveys designed to track the issues identified as important in the 'anchor' survey, and how you feel about them over time AND are a great way for local community groups to continue raising funds with $5 donated for every 'pulse' survey completed! Learn more and take the Pulse Survey here.
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14 Jul 2021

Basic First Aid Program for children

The Tieri Local Ambulance Committee has posted an expression of interest post for a great opportunity: teaching our young children to respond to an emergency.
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