Meet the locals

Get to know some of the friendly faces of Tieri’s community. From Cath Truloff, the unofficial Mayor of Tieri, to Tieri State School’s principal, Sarah-Jane Clarke and everyone in between, each member of Tieri’s community plays an important part in the town’s success.

Andy Bergman

Andy Bergman

Originally from Mackay, Andy has been running the Tieri Pharmacy for over 10 years. Getting to know the local characters and the personal nature of a country pharmacy is what Andy loves most about his life in Tieri.

Jennifer Farquhar

Jennifer Farquhar is the principal at Tieri State School and is very proud of her teaching staff and facilities. She says that thanks to the support from Oaky Creek Coal, the students have a well-equipped computer room where they enjoy learning about robotics and other skills of the future.

Cath Trulof

Cath Truloff

The “Unofficial Mayor of Tieri”, Cath has run the service station for over 25 years as well as the Catholic Church and says that she’s loved Tieri since the moment she drove in. A place where friends become your family, she doesn’t question why people keep coming back to Tieri.

Cath Windsor

The Jerky Lady - Catherine Windsor

From nationally award winning chilli jerky to the local’s favourite original beef jerky, The Jerky Lady has been an iconic part of Tieri for the past 3 years. With 41 outlets stocking her produce Australia-wide, Tieri locals feel proud that The Jerky Lady calls this top little town home.