With Australia’s great rugged landscape comes an array of native wildlife. The colourful Lorikeet is a true local in Tieri and the nearby Epping Forest National Park is home to the rare hairy-nosed wombat.



Central Queensland is home to a variety of snakes. Make your home less prone to snake visitors by following the below guidelines:

  • Remove any debris or woodpiles, cut back long grass and shrubbery,  remove leaf litter and block any holes around the outside of your house that may look like a safe spot to hide.
  • Keep bird aviaries and chicken enclosures secure, clean and free of rodents.
  • Keep cats inside and invest in snake avoidance training for dogs, if possible.

It is illegal to catch and kill snakes as they are incredibly important to the local ecosystem. Brad Lane is Tieri’s local snake catcher and can be contacted at 0409 684 363.



The whiptail wallaby and a variety of kangaroos are very common in Tieri, so it is important to be careful driving at dusk and dawn when kangaroos are most active and at night when they are easily stunned by bright headlights.



The local lorikeets are very friendly, they will happily let you feed them fresh fruit such as apples, pears, strawberries, grapes, melon, peaches and cherries. Try to avoid acidic foods such as orange, lemon and mandarin as these may cause an upset stomach.



The nearby Epping National Forest is home to the northern hairy-nosed wombat, one of the rarest land mammals in the world with approximately 230 total wombats. Find out more about conservation initiatives at wombatfoundation.com.au.